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babble black-haired girl come dance with me. :)

went to an unclaimed baggage store on mtl. rd. today. got 5 cds for $15, unscratched, perfectly functionable cds. yessssss. radiohead's ok computer and amnesiac, weezer the green & blue (or turquoisey i guess) albums, and portishead. i feel bad for those poor people who lost their precious cd's. i also felt a kind of connection with after looking at stuff that was personal i kind of knew them. then i picked out what i liked and bought it, discarding the rest. kinda metaphorical ain't it. i am currently making spaghetti; sundried tomato spaghettini, in fact. i hope i won't fuck it up. i guess i am an inadequate woman; i cannot cook worth shit. my brother can cook much better than i can. i love my brother. he's the best. i kind of miss sean; he was my other brother. it's funny i don't miss anthony, i miss sean. sean was a sweetheart. oh, the water just boiled and i put the sundried tomato flavoured spaghettini in. now it will cook. what wonderful fun. fun fun fun that is funner. i also bought a really cute little grey puma hoodie today. it was only $8.99. wow. then i talked to basil and did some bio studying (but not enough). then i hung out with basil. that guy is so arrogant sometimes it freaks me out. but then again, if i had a perfect 10 gpa, i'd probably be full of myself too (with good reason). somehow i really like him though, he's a nice guy. we were standing in his room and his roommate comes out of his bedroom (his roomie is a dumb hick who's studying crim) and he's wearing, like, boxers and is all flushed and we know he's been fucking his girlfriend for hours. he's wearing a cross around his neck like a true good christian boy, though. [i love radiohead !] there was a veritable fuckfest going on in the room beside me. i told basil that he was too good, too cleancut, too wholesome, that i'd have to find some way to corrupt him. i told him i'd make him smoke dope with me, but he refused, and plus, that doesn't make sense since i quit. for good this time. i'm finally letting go of that old lifestyle. i've quit drinking too. really. i have.
i have my bio exam on tuesday. then physix on thursday. my last physix ever....
my skirt is cool. i got loads of compliments on it today. and it IS an extremely neat skirt. unfortunately, blake gave it to me. i talked to him today for the first time in months. it made me really upset. i had to call dr. donna for support. :) i'm lucky that someone is concerned about me. i keep on having dreams about blake, where he's there and we're going out but we're not....things are now, i am now, he is now, just we've been time-warped back to this previous situation ages ago.....and things are tense, very tense. they're odd, awkward, uncomfortable, not-so-nice dreams, where everything is out of place. my arm is around this guy who i barely know anymore, whose voice i don't recognize at all yet in my dream i'm dating. (?) weird. i wonder: what if dreams are reality and real life is the illusion? because, i mean, in a dream you don't remember your real life, and vice versa. what if i've got it all wrong, and the real achievements are those in the life i lead in my sleep, where i am a different person, the same but altered?

my least favourite things in life right now:
1. bigfoot
2. the morons at housing services
3. the fact that i am in love with my dad's hopelessly unattainable phd student
4. the fact that my sundried tomato spaghettini noodle broth water tastes like herbal tea and it's odd
5. bigfoot
6. i am hungry
7. breakups
9. poverty (mine and other people's)
10. the general grotesquerie of life. boo boo boo. :(
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