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i wish i was britney spears

yada yada yadaaaa. i can't believe my last entry was so fucking big and lame. the big news of the day is that the day before yesterday (wednesday) really sucked. i had a big trauma with my nose ring. well, it isn't healed yet at all, as i only got it about 3 weeks ago. but we all know how umm shall we say impractical i can be.....i decided to get some cute little studs and try to put them in. disaster! (as anyone who knows me knows all my stories tend to end in disaster..) i swear to god i nearly ripped my nose apart...:( the studs were too little and they kept on falling out and then one got stuck in there and it was just fucking horrible. then i gave up and put the ring back in, but i couldn't get the damn bead on. so i had to go down to future skin (my second trip there of the day) and get virginia to fix my mess for me. i had to pay $3 for her to put the freakin bead back on, which kinda pissed me off, since the end of the year's drawing near and i'm kinda strapped for cash. hopefully i'll get around to filling out my tax return soon and get back all the money the government stole from me last summer. :( so, kiddies...the moral of the story is, don't fool with your piercings till they're healed.
me and donna went out for cake and ice cream yesterday. the staff at nickel's (nichol's?) is so rude...the waiter spilled donna's water all over the floor and then nobody even mopped it up. i got a banana split and donna got the celine dion cake, which was the most massive piece of cake i've ever seen in my life. it was fucking HUGE. we had to give half of it to becky. becky is so cute. i can't believe she's turning 21 next friday! she's half my size but i'm two years's kind of weird. she's italian too, which makes her just like adam: little, cute, and italian. *lol* it's too bad adam isn't a foot or so taller, then i'd have a crush on him. becky gave me a muffin yesterday. a fat-free cranberry muffin; they are the best fucking muffins in the world. man, this entry is really nonsensical. i think i have thought dyslexia. i wish i had time to write. i have to study for logic. i need to study calculus and physics. i dislike calculus. i like logic. logic=good
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