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gak. i haven't updated in ages and ages. well, what's been happening with me....studying for all the countless crappy exams that are coming up. last friday i went out with donna to some horrible dance club. the only reason i went was that by the time predrinking in stanton was over (10 or 11), i was already so leglessly drunk that she could have convinced me to climb mt. everest naked. so we pissed off a bunch of c.a.s and other authority figures and finally ended up at on tap, where we encountered some morons who introduced themselves as carleton geography students and proceeded to buy us numerous drinks. haha, suckers. think you're coming home with me? think again. i was so hammered even britney spears sounded good, and we ended up staying till the lights came on at 2:30. we left quickly after getting our coats in case one of the carleton dudes recognized us (not likely) and decided to stalk us back to rez. anyways, we got back and decided to go to marchand and harrass chris. he was actually still up at 4 am, practising his bass in the lounge. or i guess charlie's bass since chris's is broken. i kept on falling off the couch i was sitting on and petting the guitar.....then donna left to "leave chris and me alone" or something retarded. chris was afraid i wouldn't make it back to my room so he decided to be super nice and help me back. he even made me food, brought me water, and made sure i didn't pass out or throw up on myself. :) my roommate woke up and came out. the next day i woke up at 7:30 or 8 and crawled to the bathroom, where i dryheaved for a little while and then fell asleep. later on that day my mom and two sisters came to see me. sunday i had pretraining for c.a., which was basically a pointless day of children's games but was actually kind of fun. i met a lot of people and everyone was super nice...then me and nadia went to the rauo meeting. it was rocking, everyone was screaming at each other. it was nothing but a jerry springer mudslinging fest. elliott protested every single motion they tried to pass and generally pissed everyone off, which was hilarious. there was this huge scandal going on with the elections because the girl who was convenor was good friends with the girl who won for rauo president, and she helped the convenor carry the ballot boxes home. which isn't exactly the wisest move. and then the number of ballots didn't match the number of votes or something like that. so there was general uproar and chaos (which is always fun). i haven't been out drinking since last friday. i gave donna back her fake i.d. and said i never want to see it again. oh, and i'm trying to quit pot, i haven't smoked in 3 1/2 weeks. i told that to alex in physics lab yesterday and he's like, "that's nothing, i haven't masturbated in longer than that." he's lucky i have a very very good sense of humour. fucking crazy guy. oh, and yesterday was anti-flag. ANTI-FLAG!!!!!!! i was in serious need of some good ole fashioned punk rawk and i got my fix. the show was at barrymore's. we missed thought riot (no big deal) but got there in time for the code, which were a crappy (though passionate) cover band. they played some fugazi and everyone went nuts. me francesca gabrielle and adam were right up in the front row. we got beaten pretty badly by the moshers behind us, but it was worth it. strike anywhere were up after the code and they rocked. the guitarist was superhot but he kept on shaking his head and spraying sweat on us. strike anywhere look like they'd be an indie band, but they're punk, which is kinda confusing. anyways, the big AF came up after that, and it was pure pandemonium...we were screaming and grabbing at them and by that time i was covered in other people's sweat and blood. good stuff, punk shows. there were so many little kids from my old high school, though. but i mean, af is really suited towards much intellectual capacity do you need to understand something so blatantly obvious as "fuck police brutality" or "anarchy!"?? they're quite simplistic. but whatever. they're anti-flag. they can be whatever they want. we retreated to more peaceful parts for good riddance, who were for some reason the headliner. they're good but they're not anti-flag... :) i bought an af's kinda big but i like it. it's black and it says "anti-flag" on the front and there's a red star on the back which says something like "together we will win this nation back" and there's a raised fist in the middle of it....i lost adam sometime after this point which sucked cos i wanted to say goodbye to him. at 10:45 or so the show ended and we left....luckily i got a ride back to rez (or nearby) with francesca's mom or i would've had to walk in the gross, cold slush. back at rez, i persuaded donna to come and pick on chris with me. we tickled him and generally ruined his peaceful evening. i'm surprised karan didn't wake up, what with me screaming about the show and pseudo-moshing with chris. i can't believe chris didn't come. :( he would've had a good time. i saw so many people i peter for instance. and about 5 girls he's screwed. haha. gabrielle can be such a loser. during anti-flag she was screaming "justin, i love you!" to the singer. i thought we were at a friggin nsync concert. anyways, logic calls....and i shall answer! and then i have to go csi and then to future skin because my stupid nose piercing is infected and i think one of my carilages is too...i think i'm taking my nose ring out. it's such a bitch
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