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babble black-haired girl come dance with me. :)

went to an unclaimed baggage store on mtl. rd. today. got 5 cds for $15, unscratched, perfectly functionable cds. yessssss. radiohead's ok computer and amnesiac, weezer the green & blue (or turquoisey i guess) albums, and portishead. i feel bad for those poor people who lost their precious cd's. i also felt a kind of connection with after looking at stuff that was personal i kind of knew them. then i picked out what i liked and bought it, discarding the rest. kinda metaphorical ain't it. i am currently making spaghetti; sundried tomato spaghettini, in fact. i hope i won't fuck it up. i guess i am an inadequate woman; i cannot cook worth shit. my brother can cook much better than i can. i love my brother. he's the best. i kind of miss sean; he was my other brother. it's funny i don't miss anthony, i miss sean. sean was a sweetheart. oh, the water just boiled and i put the sundried tomato flavoured spaghettini in. now it will cook. what wonderful fun. fun fun fun that is funner. i also bought a really cute little grey puma hoodie today. it was only $8.99. wow. then i talked to basil and did some bio studying (but not enough). then i hung out with basil. that guy is so arrogant sometimes it freaks me out. but then again, if i had a perfect 10 gpa, i'd probably be full of myself too (with good reason). somehow i really like him though, he's a nice guy. we were standing in his room and his roommate comes out of his bedroom (his roomie is a dumb hick who's studying crim) and he's wearing, like, boxers and is all flushed and we know he's been fucking his girlfriend for hours. he's wearing a cross around his neck like a true good christian boy, though. [i love radiohead !] there was a veritable fuckfest going on in the room beside me. i told basil that he was too good, too cleancut, too wholesome, that i'd have to find some way to corrupt him. i told him i'd make him smoke dope with me, but he refused, and plus, that doesn't make sense since i quit. for good this time. i'm finally letting go of that old lifestyle. i've quit drinking too. really. i have.
i have my bio exam on tuesday. then physix on thursday. my last physix ever....
my skirt is cool. i got loads of compliments on it today. and it IS an extremely neat skirt. unfortunately, blake gave it to me. i talked to him today for the first time in months. it made me really upset. i had to call dr. donna for support. :) i'm lucky that someone is concerned about me. i keep on having dreams about blake, where he's there and we're going out but we're not....things are now, i am now, he is now, just we've been time-warped back to this previous situation ages ago.....and things are tense, very tense. they're odd, awkward, uncomfortable, not-so-nice dreams, where everything is out of place. my arm is around this guy who i barely know anymore, whose voice i don't recognize at all yet in my dream i'm dating. (?) weird. i wonder: what if dreams are reality and real life is the illusion? because, i mean, in a dream you don't remember your real life, and vice versa. what if i've got it all wrong, and the real achievements are those in the life i lead in my sleep, where i am a different person, the same but altered?

my least favourite things in life right now:
1. bigfoot
2. the morons at housing services
3. the fact that i am in love with my dad's hopelessly unattainable phd student
4. the fact that my sundried tomato spaghettini noodle broth water tastes like herbal tea and it's odd
5. bigfoot
6. i am hungry
7. breakups
9. poverty (mine and other people's)
10. the general grotesquerie of life. boo boo boo. :(
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tomato pasta sucks... KD all the way!!!!!!!!
how did your bio exam go?

i think a more plausible theory about dreams, instead of dreams being reality and reality being nothing, is that dreams exist in one of infinite alternate realities, where the rules and settings are different then here, and when you dream you are merely experiencing a different universe.

not that i believe that. i think that dreams are just your subconscious minds imagination running wild.

say, why do you hate bigfoot so much? i dislike her too, but i have good reason to. i sit up with andrew in the back row of logic with her, and she'll always turn to me and say brainless things. and i, for some reason, restrain myself from being an asshole to her and smile politely at her brainless little jokes, or say "i guess so" to her brainless little comments.
boy am i glad i wont have to see her again for at least 4 months.
there is one simple reason i hate bigfoot: she is a bitch. you may not have noticed it, since she seems to consistently make a total fool out of herself via her compulsive flirting with anything male, but she is a nasty, nasty bitch. i can't stand her. i've tried repeatedly in the past to be her friend but she treats me like i'm somehow inferior to her. i guess because she's so beautiful and attractive and smart and sexy. i could go on with this sarcasm for a very long time. bottom line, i'd like to take that whore's teeth out.

anyways, bio was easy. it was all just memorization. i memorized every fucking word out of the textbook so i was fine
how was your physics? mine was alright...some of the q's were fucked-up tho. it was all multiple choice, and you can only answer a-e on the computer sheets, but some of the questions had answers that were "f"s. there's no possible way you can answer an "f" on your scantron sheet. so i don't know what the prof was thinking.